My Real Casino Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and terms and conditions together form a relationship between our customers and us. The agreement form is necessary for you to follow all conditions when visiting and showing activity on the website. Hence, you must always use the website under the agreement. It will help us in building a stronger connection with you.

We have defined everything below that is included in the terms and conditions. You agree to follow all the terms and conditions when you willingly agree that you have read the terms and conditions. Hence, always read each point carefully. We will not be responsible for anything after you have actively agreed to our terms and conditions. 

Our terms and conditions clearly mention the usage guide, prohibited activity on the website, limitations, legal and illegal activity, etc. We won’t tolerate any activity going against the terms and conditions. 

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

You will immediately stop accessing the website if you go against the terms and conditions. Moreover, you will not be allowed on the website if you do not agree with the terms and conditions. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you have agreed to follow all the rules and regulations. We will not be responsible or in charge of anything you did not go through while reading the terms and conditions. 

We amend our terms and conditions and privacy policy after a while. The amendment is to incorporate the overall changes in the environment, government policies, and laws. However, we won’t notify you of any change in terms and conditions. You are responsible for checking the terms and conditions page and viewing the changes in our policies.

You can terminate your contract with us any time you want. However, you won’t be able to use our platform after disagreeing with the terms and conditions. Moreover, the company can terminate your contract anytime in case of any suspicious activity. 

Acceptance of Loss

Accepting these terms and conditions means that you are fully aware of the true meaning of betting and a betting website. We believe that you are mature enough to understand that you might be losing money here. Accepting terms and conditions means that you actively agree that we are not responsible for any of your losses. The company will not be held responsible for any kind of damage. 

We are a platform to provide you with an excellent experience and user interface for betting. We do not compel any individual to play games for betting. Every activity on the website from the user’s end is the user’s responsibility. Hence, the company will not take any responsibility for any losses. 

Legal Age and Capacity

Gambling is not legal for any minor or any individual under 18. We have strictly reserved the platform for individuals above 18. Hence, by agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree that you are legally above 18. The company does not entertain any activity of a minor on the website. 

The content of the website is not suitable for people under 18. You should immediately leave the website if your legal age is not 18. The content found on the website might not be suitable for you. However, if you are above 18, the platform is a safe place for you to play online games and enjoy gambling. 

In case of any damage or false agreement about the age, the company would not be responsible. The company strictly mentions that it does not entertain any minors. However, if you are a minor and still buffering the website, we should not be in charge of any positive or negative consequences. 

We take different measures to ensure your legal age. It includes promptly asking the age of the user on the website. Moreover, a user’s identity number is necessary while receiving or giving any payment. Hence, any minor will be stopped immediately and automatically if their identity card is not yet issued because of their age. 

Acceptance of The Services

The website contains a large quantity of information about betting and gambling. This information may use the names of other brands and companies. All the third-party websites and brands are our collaborators. Hence, no user can place a copyright claim on the website.

You agree to view and use our services by agreeing to the terms and conditions. Besides online betting games, we also display information for educational purposes. Such information includes articles about gambling, definitions of different terms used in gambling and betting, etc. All this information is open, and any individual can read and learn from the platform. Moreover, we only put completely researched information. Our team does a great amount of homework before publishing any content on the website. 

Our services do not include the actual presence of any online casino. We have created the website purely for games and information purposes only. Moreover, we do not collaborate with any online or offline casino.

We do not take responsibility for any damage that happened to you at a casino recommended by us. We only provide suggestions regarding the best betting websites. However, we do not guarantee your experience at any online or offline casino. We will not be incorporating any changes in the online casinos we suggested. 

Use of Our Services

Agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will always use our website for positive activity only. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you have built a contract with us to use our services legally. Here are a few things about our services’ usage that we will not cooperate with. Let us explain it to you one by one. 

Illegal Transactions

We will not entertain any activity involved in illegal transactions of money. Any activity showing money laundering, identity theft, or payment fraud will immediately seize your access to our website and our services. The company will immediately report you to authorized legal services. We will not be responsible for any further consequences. 


The website does not encourage cheating. As real money is involved in winning and losing at the website, we strictly discourage the use of any false means to gain a win. The company takes different measures to eliminate and prevent cheating in games online. In this contract, you agree that you will not be using any false means to get the win. However, if you are still found guilty of cheating, your access will be immediately stopped on the website. After this, the company will permanently seize your account. The company will not entertain you with your score and money on the account. 

Wrong Identity Details

You agree that you will never use the wrong identity information on the website. We ask for very basic personal information such as name, country, city, etc. You are required to provide authentic information in these slots. If your identity does not match your credit card/debit card details or identity card, you will be charged guilty of giving out false information.

If we detect you are providing false identity information, the company will immediately seize your account. The company will instantly log you out of the account, and you will lose all your points and account activity. However, you can contact our customer support team if we have made a mistake about your identity. You can always use a credit card/debit card registered in someone else’s name. However, you need to be clear about this before making any payment. The company will give you relaxation in such a case. 

Creation of More Than One Account

The company does not allow you to create more than one account on the website. You should have one account with your individual and authentic identity to access our services. We detect users’ activity with the help of cookies and IP address information. If your computer has two accounts logged in, you will be considered guilty of having two accounts on the website. 

We will immediately bring down both of your accounts in such a case. We will generate an email to the email address of both accounts. If you think we have made a mistake here, you can always contact our customer support team. The customer support service will tell you what to do next. You can have both or one of your accounts back if we have made a mistake. The customer support team will help you in filing a complaint regarding this. 

Using Bots or Automated Software

Engaging bots to win on the website is strictly prohibited. The games are for enjoyment purposes. Hence, we do not allow using any kind of machine against humans to secure a win. If we find any activity showing or signaling that you have used bots to make a win, we will bring down your account. It also includes using software, malware, viruses, or automated systems to increase your chance of winning. We have built the platform only for human-to-human interaction. Hence, we won’t incorporate any activity other than this.